Electronics registrants are the suppliers including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers or retailers that sell or supply designated electronics either in or into Alberta. This section provides registrants with up-to-date information related to the electronics program including general program information, forms, announcements and policy changes.

What's New?

  • Municipal Newsletter

    (Apr 25, 2017)
    ...the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of the Municipal Collection Site newsletter is now available, providing up-to-date info and opportunities regarding the electronics, paint, and tire recycling programs.
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  • 2016 Progress Report

    (Dec 01, 2016)
    The 2016 Progress Report provides highlights of the results achieved by Albertans in recycling electronics, paint, and tires.
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  • 2016 Award Winners!

    (Dec 01, 2016)
    Meet Alberta Recycling's 2016 Collection Site Award of Excellence Winners.
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Regulations and Bylaws

For copies of the regulations and bylaw governing the electronics recycling program please visit Regulations and Bylaws.

Eligible Products and Environmental Fees

 Table of Fees for Eligible Electronic Products  

Supplier Registration Application

 Electronics Registration Application Package

Procedures and Policies

 Instructions for Remittance of Environmental Fees on Electronics        Products 
 Waiver of Interest Guidelines

 Registrant Classification & Reporting Obligations 

Electronics Recycling Alberta Industry Council

This Council was established to provide industry insight and recommendations to the Board of Directors on key aspects of the electronics recycling program. Learn more... 

Point-of-Purchase Material

Alberta Recycling provides point-of-purchase material including brochures and posters for electronics suppliers to give their customers should they have any questions about the environmental fees or the program.  To review the point-of-purchase materials that are available and to complete your order please open the following form.  

PDF Icon Promotional Products Order Form

For more information on Alberta's electronics recycling program...

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