Dedicated to environmental leadership, Alberta Recycling is comprised of six member organizations representing stakeholder interests. Each member organization appoints a director to the Alberta Recycling Board of Directors. An additional director is appointed by the Minister to represent the public. The Chairs of the Tire Recycling Alberta Industry Council, Paint Recycling Industry Council and Electronics Recycling Industry Council are also Directors.


The member organizations and current Board of Directors are:

Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties (AAMD&C)

Carolyn Kolebaba

Carolyn Kolebaba was elected as the first female Vice President for the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) and served from 2005 – 2008. In the fall of 2010, she was re-elected as Vice President. Carolyn sits on the Clean Air Strategic Alliance Board , Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association, R.W. Hay Awards , and Local Authority Pension Plan Stakeholder Consultation Group to name a few.

Carolyn is the regional representative for the Northern Alberta Municipal Zone to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. These committees include the Northern and Remote, Transportation, the Environment and Community Safety and Crime Prevention.

Carolyn was born in Peace River and raised in the Municipal District of Peace. She and her husband Mike, operate a trucking company along with their sons in Northern Sunrise County. They retired from mixed farming in the spring of 2010 which they operated for over 30 years. Carolyn worked in the Educational System as a Certified Teacher Assistant with a Structure of Intellect background, for 15 years.

She entered municipal politics in 1998, and is currently the Deputy Reeve of Northern Sunrise County. In her role as municipal Councilor and Deputy Reeve, Carolyn is the Chair of the Northern Transportation Advocacy Bureau Committee which is a joint committee with membership that comprises of Industry and governments in British Columbia, North West Territories and Alberta. She is also on the executive of the Peace Regional Library System, Peace Regional Economic Development Alliance and Peace Synergy Group.

In 2012 Carolyn was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for her dedication to service to her peers, to her community and to Canada. Carolyn has her Certificate of Completion on the Principals of Assessment for Assessment Review Board Member, Certificate on Disaster Social Services Planning Course, Certificate on Finding Agreement, and graduated from the Alberta Elected Official Program.

Her love for making the community a better place to live has her on a journey that she is very grateful for and greatly enjoys.


Alberta Environment and Parks

Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane is a senior manager with Alberta Environment and Parks, responsible for the development of waste policy for Alberta. In his role with Alberta Environment and Parks, Patrick has played a key role in the establishment of recycling programs for beverage containers, used oil materials, tires, unused paint and paint containers and Canada’s first program for electronics recycling.

His team was awarded the Recycling Council of Alberta “R’s of Excellence Award” for government leadership (2005) and for the development of Alberta’s Greening Government Strategy (2011), and was the recipient of an Alberta Emerald Award (2007) for the development of provincial waste stewardship programs. The Alberta Emerald Foundation showcases environmental leadership in Alberta, setting an example of environmental excellence for all to follow.

Patrick is a Certified Management Accountant, has a Business Administration Degree from the University of New Brunswick, is a certified Environmental Practitioner (EP) and has obtained the Chartered Director (C.Dir.) designation from The Directors College (a joint venture of McMaster University and The Conference Board of Canada).

Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA)

Cathy Heron

Cathy Heron is in her second term of Office for the City of St. Albert. She is an active, focused Councillor who strives to be a thoughtful leader in our community. Councillor Heron serves on a number of boards for St. Albert that promote collaboration with other municipalities including the Capital Region Board, Growth Plan Update Task Force, as well as the Joint Opportunities Task Force with our neighbour Sturgeon County. Her commitment to regional collaboration amongst Alberta Municipalities was the driving force in her being elected to the Board of Directors for the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, and now an active member of the AUMA Sustainability Committee.

A sought after speaker on Smart Cities and the need for change Cathy continues to advocate for a greener world and serves on the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission. She was a dynamic advocate and committee member of the City of St. Albert Smart City Steering Committee.

Prior to her service as a Councillor, Cathy served on the Environmental Advisory, Community Services Board, RCMP Community Advisory, and Economic Advisory Committees in St. Albert. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences. 

Councillor Heron embraces the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child; this belief and her love of St. Albert is the principal driver behind her community and family life.  Cathy resides in St. Albert and is a proud parent of 3 teenage children and two loving canines.

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)

Joe Kostler, P.Eng

As APEGA’s representative, Joe brings 40 years of wide ranging environmental experience from both government and industry to the Board.  His work experiences include:

  • some 14 years with Alberta Environment that included work in the Water Quality Control Branch, head of the Air Quality Approvals Branch and head of the Waste Management Branch (which at the time covered programs such as various recycling programs, waste education programs, litter programs, hazardous waste legislation, beverage containers and regional landfill development).
  • some 26 years in both the petrochemical industry and electrical industry with the majority of those years with ATCO Power and ATCO Electric.
  • Participation in APEGA’s Environmental Committee (both as a member and chair)  and currently as member of the Discipline Committee.
  • As an industry representative on the CASA Board and various committees; and with the Canadian Electrical Association (CEA) where one of the key works was on the utilities climate change committee.

Joe’s educational background includes a BSc in Chemical Engineering and an M.Eng. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Alberta.  He has also completed certificate programs from the U of A in Management Development for Professional Engineers and in Occupational Health and Safety.  He has been recognized for his work with APEGA with a designation of FEC and FGC (Hon). 

Both Joe and his wife – Leola - were born-in, raised-in, educated-in and are long-time residents of Edmonton.

Some outside interests include volunteering at one of Edmonton’s Food Bank Depots, their  church music ministry, international travel, travel trailering, golf, photography and many other indoor/outdoor physical activities.

Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA)

Jeff Dirks

Mr. Dirks holds a diploma in Environmental Sciences from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Upon completion of his studies, he joined WasteCo Environmental Services Ltd., working in the field of hazardous waste management as well as landfill and soil treatment facilities development and operation. Mr. Dirks joined Newalta Corporation in 2005 after his previous employer; WasteCo Environmental Services Ltd. was acquired. In a corporate role his responsibilities included identifying opportunities to increase returns on assets, market position, and financial performance achieving operational business optimization. In 2007 Mr. Dirks joined Biogenie as the General Manager for Western Canadian operations with a business focus on environmental site assessment and remediation. This role has brought him to be increasingly involved in management of staff and projects in the environmental consulting and contracting services fields.

 Mr. Dirks has been involved in the design and implementation of organizational waste management programs relative to the Energy Resources & Conservation Board, Alberta Environment, British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Saskatchewan Environment Acts, Regulations and Directives. Environmental services involvement includes industrial (refineries, chemical plants, military, wood treating, mining, pulp & paper) and oilfield (crude oil, natural gas, oil sands) sites. Mr. Dirks has managed projects that included facility decommissioning, abatement, demolition, and waste recycle/disposal as well as soil, water, and sludge treatment/disposal. This experience has enabled him to implement large-scale environmental and capital projects throughout Canada, ensuring a link between the various parties involved such as vendors, municipalities, governing bodies, other human resources of the firm, and client representatives.

Electronics Recycling Alberta Industry Council

Jeff Faber

 Jeff Faber began his career as a rental technician in 1985. After earning a broadcasting diploma from Mount Royal College, Jeff was excited to be part of a growing business and even more importantly, a changing and thriving industry. Numerous promotions, advancements and industry accreditation enabled Jeff to lead a management buyout of Apex Audio Visual and the launch of Apex AVSI.

Jeff assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer and further growth allowed the company to form a merger with Sharp’s Audio Visual. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Sharp’s, Jeff is reminded frequently of his career path and his beginning as a rental technician. In 1985, Jeff’s focus was attending to the needs of both coworkers and customers. And throughout his career that has remained his focus. Add a heavy dose of diligence, enthusiasm and perseverance, and the seeds for success – in the individual and the organization – are sown.

“I see communications on a global scale where sustainable, repeatable practices are the standard rather than the often ad hoc approach we are challenged to deliver.” – Jeff Faber

Industry-at-Large (appointed by Minister of Environment and Parks)

Lanny McInnes (Retail Council of Canada)

Lanny McInnes currently serves as Retail Council of Canada’s Director, Prairies. In this role, Lanny acts as RCC’s government liaison and media spokesperson across Western Canada from RCC’s Winnipeg office.  Lanny brings extensive experience and training in public policy development, strategic planning and board governance through his work experience and involvement on various boards and advisory councils. 

 Lanny currently sits as a Director on a number of Canada’s product stewardship organizations including the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association, the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation and Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba.  Lanny also serves on industry advisory committees for the Electronic Products Recycling Association in Manitoba and the Saskatchewan Paint Recycling Program.  He has also previously served as a Director of Encorp Pacific and Multi-Material Stewardship Western and as an industry observer for the Saskatchewan Waste Electronic Equipment Program.   Lanny is a member of the Manitoba Employers Council, the Manitoba Retail Safety Council, the Saskatchewan Business Council and the Alliance for Business Competitiveness in Alberta.

 Lanny also has a strong history of community volunteer involvement at the local, provincial and national levels.  Lanny currently serves as the Chair of ALS Canada’s Board of Directors and is a member of the Minister Responsible for Persons with Disabilities’ Accessibility Advisory Council in Manitoba.


Paint Recycling Alberta Industry Council

Ray Massey

Raymond Massey has been working in the painting industry for 37 years. He holds a trade certificate with an Interprovincial Standards (Red Seal) endorsement in the painter and decorator trade. He has served as president of Ray-Nor Painting & Decorating for the last 31 years, a company he co-owns with his brother. The company regularly employs between 20 and 30 certified painters and apprentices. His two sons also work as journeymen painters in the company.

Raymond has participated in Alberta apprenticeship committees, both local and provincial, for 11 years, serving as presiding officer on each for six years. He has served as a member of the Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training Board for six years. He has also participated in various government and industry training workshops and labour studies since 1990.

Raymond worked to initiate a provincial trade association for the painting and decorating trade now named the Alberta Painting Contractor’s Association, serving as treasurer for two years and chair of the apprenticeship committee, on that board, for several years. In 2008, he was elected to serve a fourth term as the Association’s president.

Raymond was instrumental in having the painting and decorating trade entered, for the first time, in the Provincial Skills Competition in 2007. Because of this work, Canada had its first competitor entered in the painting & decorating trade competition during World Skills 2009, in Calgary. He also volunteered as a Workshop Supervisor for the World Skills Competition.

His passions are to further education for young workers and professionalize the painting trade. Hiking and traveling keep him involved in his family.

Public-at-Large (appointed by Minister of Environment and Parks)

Bob Barss (Chairman)

Bob Barss is the Reeve and the Councillor serving his seventh term for Division 7 in the M.D. of Wainwright No. 61. Bob was elected in October of 1995 and is currently serving his fourth term in office as Councillor for this division. He became Reeve of the municipality in 1997 and has continued to be the Reeve since this time. Bob is past President of the AAMD&C. Bob was appointed to the Alberta Recycling Board in 2006, he has served on the Assessment, Audit & Investment, and Governance & Accountability Committees. He became Vice-Chair in 2013, and was appointed as Chairman and the Public at Large representative by the Minister of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development in 2014. Bob was born and raised on a family farm in the Irma area and has lived there his entire life. He and his wife Susan have two children, Nicole and Amanda. Bob, together with his wife, operates a grain farm. Before being elected to the M.D., Bob worked in the oil industry.

Bob sits on the following Boards and Committees: Insurance & Bylaws & Agreements & Regulations, Intermunicipal Development Committee, M.D. Safety Committee, Municipal Property Committee, Policy Committee and Public Relations to Camp Wainwright.

To view the Chairman's quarterly expenses please click here


Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA)

Leah Seabrook

Leah is a Board Member with the Recycling Council of Alberta. She actively participates in the IC&I and Rural committees. She is enthusiastic about waste reduction, and continues working with the RCA to raise awareness and facilitate the organization’s goals.


As her day job, Leah is the Manager of Waste Management and Community Energy Services with Strathcona County and has worked within the organization for over 15 years. During her time, she has launched the community’s Green Routine residential diversion program, which has been successful in diverting over 60% of residential waste from landfill. She also participates in the Capital Region Waste Minimization Advisory Committee as a municipal representative.

Leah started her post secondary education at the University of Alberta, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences. She then moved on to Royal Roads University where she completed her Master of Arts degree in Environment and Management.

Tire Recycling Alberta Industry Council

Brent Kennedy, Motor Dealers Association

 Brent is the dealer principle of Edwards Garage a GM dealership in Rocky Mtn. House. He is a graduate of Northwood University with a Business and Marketing degrees. He is the past Chairman of Motor Dealers Association of Alberta and is the current Chairman of the Tire Recycling Council. This is his first year on the Alberta Recycling Board.





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